I’m In The COVID Extremely High Risk Camp

April 26, 2020 No Comments

I’m In The COVID Extremely High Risk Camp

April 26, 2020 No Comments

You might be wondering how I hadn’t figured this out myself already but it’s official. I got the letters – from the NHS stating that in relation to COVID, I’m in the ‘extremely’ high-risk camp. This means complications are (potentially) more likely and more serious should I be unfortunate enough to contract Coronavirus.

Friends and family had asked if I would be isolating for 12 weeks and as it all kicked off with the lock-down in the back of my head, I probably knew that I ought to be on ‘the list’, but worked on the basis that no news was good news. It also worth saying that the criteria and conditions covered aren’t all that clear.

But anyway, the letters landed. And this week, I had two phone calls about having shopping delivered, prescriptions picked up and even at home care (getting dressed; washed etc.) should I need it. I’m lucky to have Matt so I won’t need any of the support available but it’s really reassuring to know that these things are being properly followed up for those that do.

There’s no glossing over it. I undoubtedly have to shield. I was already super stringent on the social distancing front – only going out for short walks with Dylan and sometimes to the shop nearby, but that’s it. The only difference now, I guess, is that I can’t go for a walk and that will be tough.

Since reading the words extremely high risk it (COVID) feels like a much bigger threat. To me. To Dylan. To Matt. And to the rest of my family.

I had wondered if the various departments in the different hospitals caring for me would join up. And if data would eventually point in this direction. It took its time with some delay, but eventually, it did.

Above, I’m pictured on what would turn out to be my last walk through the desolate streets in my eerily quiet city.

Are you shielding too? Hit me up on Instagram with all your tips for staying sane (particularly with a 1 year old!!!).

Thanks for reading guys.

Sar X

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