Two Clear scans

September 21, 2019

Two Clear scans

September 21, 2019
Blazer – M&S (similar here)
Jumper – H&M
Skirt – H&M (old)

I’m writing this in bed, really hoping I don’t hear the crackle of the baby monitor picking up a rustle from Dylan that might (read: will) be followed by a cry!

Dylan’s 6 months old now. I can’t quite belive it. He’s in his own room, has two tiny teeth and is enjoying his first taste of actual food.

I’ve been pretty absent from here, and insta. I felt like I’d lost my mojo, and the combination of sleepless nights, play groups, teething, and countless hospital appointments has meant I just haven’t been able to prioritise it.

I’m also completely useless at tapping out coherent messages/captions on my phone screen one handed – essential when you’ve presently got a baby clamped to a boob!!

Dylan’s been my waiting room buddy and I’ve had reviews with my neurologist, oncologist (twice) and neurosurgeon too.

My latest two MRI scans were both 100% stable! Such a relief for us all!! I think I celebrated by having an actual hot brew (a real rarity these days!).

Anyway, thanks guys for sticking around.

I’m hoping to be back to blogging properly soon.

Sar x