Sassier dosette boxes exist: here’s where

This post fits very nicely into the things I never thought I’d get excited about but here I am, gleefully talking about my new dosette boxes.

Sabi FOLIO Grande Pill Organiser

Sabi FOLIO Grande Pill Organiser: designed2enable, notebook – Paperchase (similar here)

All hail the dosette

If I’m being honest I’ve always associated dosette boxes with old people. They should be kept by the bed alongside false teeth and are likely to hold Aspirin, along with tablets to lower cholesterol and that sort of thing.

It was quite the turn around then when I found myself ordering one from Amazon.

I plumped for dosette big enough and cheap enough – new to the game, I wasn’t asking for much. When my dosette arrived, I mostly kept it in a cupboard out of sight ultimately satisfied that it did the trick.

The most important factor when choosing a dosette is size. And by that, I specifically mean how many days medication you need/want to prep, and how many times a day you take it.

It wasn’t long before I found myself appreciating the virtues of the added organisation and sense of calm it provided. And as the number of pills I take continues to creep up I’m a total convert.

At the very least – amongst appointments, work, and health-related admin (sidenote: I get SO many NHS letters that I have a full on filing system) it’s one less thing’ to sort in the morning.

I’ve been there – rushing to leave the house whilst rummaging through various packets to gather up my morning dose. It’s led me to forget, and accidentally double up (the shame!) because I just haven’t been sure about what I’ve taken, when.

Over time, filling those plastic cubes on a Sunday night has become a ritual of sorts and I probably even enjoy it a little bit (did I say that?!).

There’s no looking back once you’re bossing the dosette.

Where to buy a sassier dosette

After a few months making do with various sterile looking ‘living’ aids (NHS-issue crutch and Argos shower stool – I’m looking at you). I started to search for alternatives that are much less ugly, and subsequently more me.

That’s when I discovered the world of pill organisers stocked by designed2enable. How much sexier does that sound? Move over dosette there’s a new gal in town.

Designed2enable was established by a couple with firsthand experience of living with disability and they focus on products that combine functionality with style – yep… it’s possible! I find their entire site an utter joy.

My thoughts on the Sabi Pill Organisers

Sabi FOLIO Grande Pill Organiser

I’ve been using the Sabi pill organisers for over a month now, and have found that the Grande Folio pill organiser best suits my needs. Here’s why (and what you need to consider when finding the right one…)

Looks Matter

Both the pill organisers look NOTHING like dosettes, and I think that’s the biggest part of their appeal. There’s absolutely no hint of ‘medical’ and they could even pass as some sort of swish stationery.

The Sabi holster is pretty cute and has a clip should you need to keep your meds close to hand. It also looks nice on a bedside table and if for example, you take the same medication each day might fit the bill perfectly.

The pop of turquoise in all their products provides a cheeky twist.

Size Matters

The most important factor when choosing a dosette is size. And by that, I specifically mean how many days medication you need/want to prep in advance, and how many times a day you take it.
For me, it’s twice a day which means I need two ‘spaces’ and I want a full seven days worth of tablets sorted in advance to save me time, so this one fits the bill.

You should also think about the size of the tablets themselves and the depth you’ll require.

I have some proper “horse pills” and the Grande Folio is suitably roomy. Should your meds be easier to swallow then Sabi make a slimmer version which is perfect for you.

Sabi FOLIO Grande Pill Organiser

Sabi FOLIO Grande Pill Organiser – designed2enable, notebook – Paperchase (similar here)

Will you be upgrading to a fancier dosette? I think you definitely deserve it. 

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Sar x

The two Sabi Pill Organisers featured in this post were gifted to me by designed2enable. All views expressed are, of course, my own.

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