5 Reasons to Go To Your Nearest Trekstock Meetup

November 7, 2018 No Comments

5 Reasons to Go To Your Nearest Trekstock Meetup

November 7, 2018 No Comments

Last weekend I was at the Manchester Trekstock meetup; painting mugs and chatting with a lovely bunch of people. Since then, I had the idea that I should share a few bits of info about how Trekstock can help you too.

Who are Trekstock?

Trekstock is a small but mighty charity that operates from Carnaby Street in London. Their mission is simple and compelling: help get young adults moving again when cancer has put their lives on hold. That includes any young person (in their 20s and 30s), who has had or is having treatment for any form of cancer.

What does Trekstock do?

Trekstock offer a range of ways to get support, including local meetups (more on that below), online advice and a Facebook group. On top of that, they provide access to longer-term face to face programmes such as RENEW and Make and Move which are focused around upping confidence, physical activity, and mental wellbeing.

On joining Trekstock you can also get a 25% discount for the life-changing Headspace app (that you most definitely NEED in your life).

And for the adventurers amongst us, Trekstock run epic fundraising treks which are not for the faint-hearted! The next one in 2019 is all the way from Marrakech to Jebel Toubkal.

It sounds like an amazing way to raise money for a really important cause. If only I had the legs, hey.

Trekstock Champions and Local Meetups

My authentically wobbly-edged ‘Pinch Pots’

For people outside of London, the Trekstock team have recruited a network of champion’s who organise monthly meetups in their local areas. In Manchester, we have Finn who’s just great!

Here are 5 reasons I think you’ll love the meetups too…

  1. They are held on weekends (and for free although you can should donate to Trekstock when ordering a ticket meaning time off work or appointments isn’t necessary.
  2. They’re chilled. Away from a hospital environment and there’s no pressure to ‘share with the group’.
  3. You can meet new people in an unforced, non-networky way (know what I mean?!).
  4. Everyone gets it. They know exactly what it’s like to have your world turned upside down and understand that the effects stay with you for a long time after your treatment has ended.
  5. It’s a chance to do something different. The Manchester meetups have included bowling, Junkyard Golf, pottery and painting! And, just by being there you get to raise awareness for the charity – which can only be a good thing.

It’s win-win.

To find out more about Trekstock, and future events click here.

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Sar x

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