I’ve got a new blog (kinda) and here’s why

September 4, 2018 4 Comments

I’ve got a new blog (kinda) and here’s why

September 4, 2018 4 Comments

Hey, hi, you found me!

I’ll start by saying sorry about the sly handle changes on my social channels. Thank you so much for sticking around while I provided little to no explanation!!

As blogs go, mine was still a baby really, but I had this nagging feeling that it was time to change it up a bit.

I’m not gonna lie – it has taken me SO long to sort out. Partly because I’ve had to prioritise freelance work (hey mortgage), but also because relaunching under a new domain name required a fair amount of consideration.

Let’s go back to the beginning

If you’re a regular reader then you might have heard this before – if so, feel free to skip to the next bit, but for any newbies, I thought I’d go over why and when this blog was born.

I created the ‘original’ incarnation of this blog whilst I was still an in-patient following the old’ brain surgery (the Drs took pity on me since it was New Year’s Eve and all – allowing me to sleep at home for a couple of nights. You can read more about all that here, and here). I came home wanting to spend time on my sofa, and in my own bed, but also to definitely, definitely, definitely start a blog. That weekend.

It took me all of half an hour to get the site up and running via Squarespace and so I needed a domain name fast.

The urgency? Well, I had my heart set on a 1st January 2017 launch date – a new blog, a new start, a new year. It felt right. And, yep – I did it. 

Things I got wrong have learnt

Keeping my ear to the ground, I quickly discovered that the name is/was a bit of a problem.

People can’t remember it. And that matters.  

Anyone with a ‘normal’ short-term memory needs a hefty notebook and pen at their disposal just to get it down. Readers also wonder what the hell it means (side note: ‘quirky’ spellings such as zimma instead of zimmer probably aren’t as clever or cool as you’d like to think).

There were compatibility issues on social media to contend with too (hello four-page handle). And, opting to abbreviate resulted in accounts looking bot-ish. What can I say? You (I) live and learn. 

What was the blog name even about?

The Blogosphere is one big tangle of stuff, and you’ll find brain tumour blogs out in force, along with every other long-term health condition you can think of. I wanted my blog to be different.

I figured that since my life didn’t start with a brain tumour (and, let’s not speculate on how it may or may not end) there will be *loads* of non-brain-tumour-related stuff going on in-between. 

The best place to start was with a Bic biro brainstorming session. It soon became clear that there were certain things that I didn’t want. I wasn’t keen on taking the (well-trodden) brain tumour warrior/hero/fighter route.

Partly for speed (see above) I opted for something seemingly random – but with a story behind it. The fact that I’d been using a wheelchair and zimmer frame seemed to completely sum up how my world had been turned upside down. So that made up the  ‘zimma zimma’ part. Then, I needed another word or two to flesh it out, so I took the same approach – drawing upon other recent real-life moments.

Whilst in hospital, I quite literally LIVED for the twice-daily three-course meals which were delivered by a smiley lady on a rickety trolley. Each morning, we received a freshly printed menu to help us make our choices for the day. On a neuro-rehab ward, making decisions about what you want for dinner is all part of prepping for the ‘real world’. To put it simply – jam sponge with thick school-dinner style custard made me really happy.  

I was a three-course winner. There you have it.

Upper Story Club

The thing is – despite the vague domain name, readers found me. There’s a community of us talking – online, and in real life. Checking in and generally looking out for each other. And since I’ve made all these wonderful friends, I’ve decided that Upper Story Club won’t just be about me. That’s right. In the coming weeks, and months, I’ll be sharing stories from incredible babes who’ve all been brain-tumoured.

Don’t worry (!), you’ll still find me chipping in along the way with my own T-bomb tales. 

At this stage, you can still read all the lifestyle and fashion posts I’ve previously written on here. I might change my mind about that though… What do you think?

I hope you’ll be as excited as I am. The first interview with an amazing girl will be coming soon.

Sar x


  • Juliette Kumar September 12, 2018 at 8:26 am

    I’ll miss zz3cw – always played Beanie Man in my head when I saw it 😁 look forward to reading more from you x

    • SarahGaffney September 12, 2018 at 8:32 am

      I also had beanie man in my head the whole time! Gone but not forgotten I hope 😁 Xx (think it’s living on in comments atm as I haven’t been able to change it yet 😝)

  • Carole Pownall September 8, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    Pleased to have found you again, we’ve missed catching up on your amazing blog.
    You are a lovely, positive, young woman and such an inspiration to many.
    Sorry we didn’t see you at this months Brain Tumour Support Group, hopefully we can catch up with you next time.
    Tony & Carole xx

    • SarahGaffney September 8, 2018 at 4:32 pm

      Hi Carole, so so nice to hear from you. Hope to see you at the next group, sorry I’ve missed you of late. Great news that you found me! It’ll be lovely to catchup. I’ll be sharing more stuff here soon!! Xxx

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