It’s been a busy one! June: A Roundup

July 1, 2018 No Comments
Sarah Gaffney-Lang June roundup on the blog

It’s been a busy one! June: A Roundup

July 1, 2018 No Comments

Where did it go? June I mean.

It seems to have speeded past all barbecues and glazed foreheads. There’s the internal struggle of trying not to say you’re too hot because that’s not allowed. Even when we wake in the middle of the night with desert mouth – tossing and turning and dreaming of air-con. We must remain britishly grateful at all times.

Close up of purple flowers in Whitworth Park, Manchester
Sneaked an afternoon in Whitworth Park


I kicked off the month in London seeing Nick Cave play at Victoria Park. I managed to get a seat and it was amazing. I won’t go on about it since I already have – so if you missed my write up go and read it here.

Getting crafty

I’ve been getting all kinds of creative. There was a time when I painted and made my own cards, but if I’m gonna be honest it has been a while.

A few weeks ago I got back in the saddle with a jewellery making class at Oliver Bonas. What did I learn? Well, firstly that all the Bonas family are cool af. They’re nailing the haven’t-tried-too-hard chic. Their head of design is gorgeous, and matching earrings are practically a thing of the past. Also, fun fact – Manchester is their biggest store (did you catch that London?).

So about the earrings – well it’s quite hard tbh, and fiddly. Successful results require concentration levels akin to a mindfulness session, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t fun.

June Trekstock meetup

The following week, it was time to get to know my inner Potter (not Harry! I mean the clay stuff that you made at primary school after Papier-mâché and Bubble Painting). I didn’t just rock up either – the session was organised by Trekstock for the June Manchester meetup (due to diary clashes or treatment, this was the first of these I’ve been able to make). It was casual and everyone was friendly, and we shared our experiences of cancer treatment whilst making ‘pinch pots’. Steve (I hope I’ve correctly remembered his name!) was a very patient tutor – rescuing my creation on more than one occasion. Oh, and the place? The clay studio is just lovely. I’m already eyeing up longer courses!

June was also MRI time, and after a wait of a week for the results, it was good news – I remain stable which is a big relief for me, my friends and family.

New additions

There’s now a Monki store in the Arndale Centre (Manchester) and I feel like I should tell you about it. It’s seriously Instagrammable, and I found loads of gorgeous stuff on the rails. The sizing is a bit weird so my (stating the obvious) tip is to try a few different sizes.

Monki White frayed edge slingbacks
Happiness is blue skies and Monki moments

Tune of the month

On Sunday’s I try to catch Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour. I love it because Guy plays an eclectic mix of old and new. I’ll usually discover something great that I missed the first time around. Last Sunday, it was Beach House with their song Myth.

Watch of the month

The Staircase. I initially thought this was three-parter so it was a surprise to find out there were 13 episodes. I’m not gonna lie about the fact that I was ready to give up on the third – but, I’m so glad I persevered. Get through the first couple of slow-burners and it gets SO good. I don’t want to give too much (anything) away so I’ll just say watch it and prepare to question everything.

Book of the month

Multi-Hyphen-Method – Emma Gannon.  You may well be wondering What. On. Earth this even means. That’s fair enough. It’s a how-to-guide really. It’s for people looking to (or already) doing more than one thing and hoping to get paid for it. Gannon shares her experiences of setting up side-hustles (that’s side projects to you and me) so that she could free herself from the stale 9-5 of yesteryear. Gannon also suggests that more and more ‘Millennials’ are doing this. I think it’s more of a dipper (you know what I mean) than read-in-one-sitting. Maybe I’ll share my dream multi-hyphen (I want to say career, but that’s not cool…) life on here, you know, once I’ve figured it out.

Blog of the month

Abi’s lifestyle blog covers all the things a 20’s-30’s gal could ask for. I’ve been particularly loving her post about bossing the dreaded hand luggage only situation.

If you’ve got some (hand luggage only) tips. I need them. Now – thanks!

Buys of the month

Summer. Girls holiday. Bikini’s. I’ve got no time for cutouts or cheese wire. So basically, gimme the biggest pants you got. I managed to bag a couple of sets in the sale at Monki that (despite the strange sizing) actually fit.

So, how was June for you?

Sar x

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