Woven Shoes – My Top Picks

May 8, 2018 No Comments
lifestyle blogger holding a colourful basket bag

Woven Shoes – My Top Picks

May 8, 2018 No Comments
lifestyle blogger holding a colourful basket bag
Off to find some straw, with my non-beige basket bag.

We seem to have a thing for all things woven.

It is by no means a new concept  – wicker furniture, for example, has been around for thousands of years – we’re really quite familiar with it.

Therefore, it’s probably more accurate to think of it as a resurgence.

It’s hard to say exactly when the recent craze began, but by last summer, basket bags were everywhere. If you didn’t have the Gaia clutch on your arm, then you probably weren’t really an Instagrammer (sadly it was a bit out of my price range, so I couldn’t join in the fun!!).

Since then, it’s fair to say that the trend has grown and grown and grown.

It has diversified too. From the timeless Lloyd Loom to the plethora of wicker and rattan things we can now get our hands on.

The options include plant pots, storage baskets (as well as the bags we are already familiar with).


The new kid on the block, however, is the woven shoe.

If you are looking for cuteness and maybe a bit of breathability, then they are the way forward.

I wanted in on the woven shoe action too.

But the thing is, delicate shoes aren’t really designed with ankle casts in mind (if you want to know why I wear a cast see here and here) and they’re often lacking on the strap and lacing front.

It makes me shoe sad.

So, I made it my mission to find woven shoes that would work for me.

Because no one should be shoe sad. Ever.

After searching high and low, I’ve found all of the best picks.

Here’s the roundup (which includes a couple of pairs that are – rather pleasingly – suitable for my needs).

I expect you might want in on the whole lot (all items are linked below).

Happy shopping!

Sar x

Topshop black woven heels
 My eyes, my heart.



Topshop Joice woven yellow shoes
Build me up, buttercup


Uterique Woven trainers
Because I’m still avoiding dad trainers.
Zara braided nude mules
Zero effort, sliders baby.



Mango braided red mules
Made for midi-skirts & mojitos.
Topshop cream espadrille trainers
Rafia sole + laces – chic-AF.







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