April: A Round-up

April 30, 2018 No Comments
Linen bedding

April: A Round-up

April 30, 2018 No Comments
Linen bedding
Pillowcases and duvet cover – House Of Fraser
Pillow mist – Oliver Bonas and Serum – The Ordinary

Hey, April.

Isn’t it about time we sat down, and you know, caught up?

I don’t usually buy into the whole ‘this year is going so fast’ thing. But right now, I feel like I would have to agree that it is. Passing at the speed of light.

I’m doing an April round-up, so that I don’t forget – and because I think you might enjoy it too.

Changing rooms

I am planning to write a full post on the updates we have recently made to our apartment (complete with before and after pictures of course!) – the changes are all fairly minor in the scheme of things, but in their totality, make a really big difference.

Having spent a good chunk of time at home (whilst having treatment) I’ve found myself looking at my surroundings with fresh (read: critical) eyes.

The truth is that when I was out at work all day it was easy not to notice what needed doing. Weekends were for having fun and I could overlook things like broken blinds.

Now, well, with all this time on my hands!!! I’m a new woman – so house proud that I may have recently emptied the tumble dryer fluff drawer, and kind of enjoyed it.

I’ll be back with more about the make-over of sorts, so watch this space.

Blame the tools

It was back in March when B2WP helped me move my blog from Squarespace to WordPress. And everything went pretty smoothly.

The team (at B2WP) forewarned me that (whilst not impossible) Squarespace is notoriously difficult to transfer – usually requiring more work at their end.

Once it was live (and looking good), I started making manual changes in the background – such as creating new categories and assigning posts accordingly.

Now that it is properly up and running I’m beginning to spot snagging issues.

I love the overall look of the site now, so don’t have any regrets – but, perhaps I could’ve given more thought to choosing a platform when I started the blog. Hindsight, eh!

Here are a few of the casualties in case regular readers have been wondering why some posts are no longer looking so hot.

1. Access to Gmail – I managed to sort this out relatively easily once I realised that I hadn’t had any emails for more than three weeks and that I probably should’ve received at least a few. Oops.
2. Email sign-up form – previously, this linked nicely through to MailChimp, but this is no longer the case. I’m working on it.
3.  On the old site, I had lovely image sliders with click-through links to find items. As a result of the site move, I’ve lost my pretty image sliders, and more importantly – all of the links. Now, when you look at these posts, you’ll see the images, but there are no links to shop. I’m sorry about this, as it makes these posts much less interesting. I’ve triple checked, and there’s no straightforward way to get them back.


Remember when I told you about the changes to my (anti-seizure) medication? Well, it was *very* short-lived.

Within a week of stopping Clobazam, my seizures increased. Taking it during a seizure (as advised) had little to no effect…so I’m now back on it on the regular.

The quest to be seizure free continues, with one of my other drugs being increased too.

We’ll get there eventually. I’m sure…

I’m also cranking it up in the dreamboat stakes, thanks to newly acquired special insoles, and a very cumbersome boot I’m supposed to wear in bed (so far, I haven’t managed to keep it on for more than a few hours).

The lovely duo has been ‘prescribed’ (by a Podiatrist) in a pledge to relieve spasticity in my calf (on the weak leg) and correct my feet which (now) significantly roll in.

It may not sound like much of a biggie, but her assessment of my walking – whilst wholly accurate, didn’t make for easy listening.

April loves

Tune of the month

Moments by Kyle Watson – turned up loud and on repeat.

Podcast of the month

Hashtag Authentic (Sara Tasker’s Podcast) – excellent for fellow Instagrammers. I’m currently working my way through the lot.

Book of the month

Autumn by Ali Smith. Very late to the party on this, but thoroughly enjoying it.  Smith’s take on the passport application process via the post office is as humorous as it is accurate (as it happens, I recently sent off my own renewal paperwork!).

Blog of the month

Stylonylon. Style, and Olympus Pen photography tips all in one very aesthetically pleasing place. I’ll see you there.

Buys of the month

Linen sheets. You need them in your life, and I could leave it at that.  Creases add character, which is good if you happen to be allergic to ironing like me. Worth every penny in my book.

& Other Stories please stop making perfect tees like this one. Just when I thought I might have *enough* leopard print.

Converse All Star High Tops – haven’t really taken them off!

Converse high tops chanel t-shirt
Converse High Top Trainers – ASOS

How has April treated you?

Sar x

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