Desert Island Dressing: The Biker Jacket

April 26, 2018 No Comments
How to style a biker jacket

Desert Island Dressing: The Biker Jacket

April 26, 2018 No Comments
How to style a biker jacket
Jacket – Stradivarius £29.99 (now sold out). Jumper now £12.50 ASOS.

The classic black biker jacket. Have you got one?

You probably should have.

The jacket (above) is part of a recent late-night (read: guilt-riddled) ASOS haul (the next day delivery means that I save things to my ‘wish list’ but inevitably find myself clicking on the naughty ‘order’ button).

This post allows me to show off some more of the photos from my recent shoot with Matt (of Matt Bester Photography) but, it is also the first in a series of posts that I am coining Desert Island Dressing.

I’m not talking about practicalities here – this is not what clothes you might need on a desert island! You’ll have to look elsewhere for that sort of thing, but I expect you’ll be just fine with that.

Desert Island Dressing

Here I am pulling together the essential items I think we all need in our lives. Let’s call them our wardrobe cornerstones.

So here it goes – we are starting with the biker jacket.

How to style a biker jacket
Skirt – Dorothy Perkins (old). Clutch Warehouse (old).

Why you need one

The biker jacket (preferably real leather if your budget allows) is a true investment piece.

That’s because it is completely timeless and there are endless ways to style it.

Rainy but warm? It’s got you covered. Dressed up, but wishing to dial-up the haven’t-tried-too-hard factor? The biker jacket has your back.

In my early twenties, I had a patent (real) leather biker jacket that I wore with everything. I loved the way that I could create an instant juxtaposition – by wearing it with pretty polka-dot dresses, and black shiny brogues – it worked.

At the moment, I’m all for the dreamy combination of a slogan tee, biker jacket and jeans.

On the day of the shoot, I teamed the jacket with a simple grey jumper (also an excellent cornerstone piece!), and a striped midi skirt – the jacket helps to ensure that – despite the black tights (and skirt length) – we’re not wandering into frump territory. Because we really wouldn’t want that!!

Once you’ve got a jacket like this, making friends with pieces in your existing wardrobe – you will soon wonder what you ever did without it

Right then. Whilst I get on with planning part two of the Desert Island Dressing series, I’d love to know what would make it onto your list – just drop me a comment below.

Sar x

How to style a biker jacket
Jacket and jumper – as above. Earrings – Lovisa

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