January Haul.

January 29, 2018 No Comments

January Haul.

January 29, 2018 No Comments

With Christmas gift vouchers increasingly burning a hole in my pocket, it just had to be done. Not one for eking things out – I needed to bask in the joy of bags and boxes – delivered by faces now all too familiar.  By Friday, I’d peeled myself out of my heavenly house-pants to do a try on, and by late afternoon, emerged properly clothed into the real world.

Here’s the best of the bounty.

Language of love

We’ve kinda said it all with slogans in recent months, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth keeping on your chest. The trend initially took hold with French phrases, and given the je ne sais quoi, I reckon if its longevity you want – French is the way to go. Wear this jumper with jeans now and floaty skirts come spring.

Dreamy denim

I’m so over skinny jeans – my legs want a bit of room. So I’m advocating the mom – I need a high waist, to hid my post-Christmas sins – chocolate and biscuits that must be eaten, and cheese. So much cheese. These deliver on both fronts.

Stripes are life

Everyone feels better in a Breton. Stripes simply go with everything – a nautical neutral as far as I’m concerned. The pink and burgundy is a departure from the oh-so-familiar blue and white. The fabric is double layered, meaning less planning is required in the bra department, and the contrasting collar is heart eyes cute.

An interchangeable trio, and perhaps even – dare I say it – the start of a capsule?

Happy January-is-nearly-over-and-we-made-it!!

Sar x

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