MRI Scan Results.

December 20, 2017 No Comments
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MRI Scan Results.

December 20, 2017 No Comments

I’ll start by saying that if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you probably already know this (if you don’t, then please please show me some love, it can be lonely in the social media stratosphere!).

And for those that aren’t sure/might-have-forgotten/want to hear it again…

There were smiles and hugs from my consultant which means, despite the highest levels of scanxiety to date, I am about to share good news.  My recent scan results were positive. Positive! I’m so pleased that the treatment is working effectively and the tumour has shrunk some more.

It’s not quite over yet – I completed my ninth cycle of chemotherapy this week and will continue having treatment in the New Year – three cycles from January through to March.

I’ve done some exciting things to celebrate which include, dressing like a grown-up sensible harajuku girl and eating at my favourite Korean café (Manchester folk you *really* need to checkout Seoul Kimchi – you won’t regret it, although we might find ourselves fighting for the limited table space!). I’ll share details about the other stuff as soon as I can.

For now, I’ll leave it at that. Merry Christmas.

Sar x

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