Fangirling my way to the neurosurgeon’s office.

Just over a fortnight ago I had an MRI scan – the results were amazingly positive. The tumour has shrunk! The chemo and radiotherapy have been doing their thing. So much so that we’ll be carrying on, past the September end date, through to Christmas, and then we’ll see.

At the Neurosurgery appointment last week my surgeon said I looked bright and well considering the chemo, and concluded that my rehabilitation to date has been “impressive”. With flushed cheeks I giggled like I’d bumped into Tom Hardy in the lift. The nice shiny apple worked a treat.

Savouring the praise, I regaled friends and family with details. I say take compliments where you can get them, but – what with the infrequent appointments and all – medical professionals are not a wholly reliable source. Better to seek opportunities far and wide because you might just need a hit in between.

Back home, I tried to get my left foot into these fabulous pony-skin, animal print sliders. But my brain couldn’t handle it (neither could my foot), and so, I was back to knowing my place. Having a word with myself, and all that.

Since I’m keeping closer tabs on my spending, accessories offer the solace I need. Outfit making, at lower cost. Win-win!

I went a bit mad in Lovisa. They do their own version of the Insta-famous tassel earrings, plus more subtle versions (see above) if like me, you are bored of them.

Sar x



  1. Me
    September 11, 2017 / 10:11 pm

    Amazing news 🙂

    • Sarah Gaffney
      September 14, 2017 / 1:27 pm

      Thank you!

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