One of The Lucky Ones.

March 21, 2017 No Comments

One of The Lucky Ones.

March 21, 2017 No Comments

Tomorrow marks the end of six and a half weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and it seems to have come around really quickly. It got me thinking about the very long list of side effects I was forewarned about before starting. The most common are similar for radiotherapy to the brain and the chemotherapy drug Temozolomide I’ve been taking.

Tiredness/weakness/lack of energy

Feeling or being sick

Hair loss

Loss of appetite


I think I have fared pretty well. I have only really felt significantly more tired in week six and towards the end of week five. Not to the point where I spend time in bed, or even regularly nap but I go to bed earlier and there is now only one 6 o’clock in my life – not the one when the birds sing.

In the last few days, I have had headaches, but I’d call them mild – not as bad as you might expect all things considered. I haven’t felt sick at all (and have stacks of untouched anti-sickness tablets).

There was no avoiding the hair loss, but I’m well over that.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty lucky.

My consultant tells me that I will most definitely feel worse in the weeks after I finish radiotherapy, as the effects are cumulative. Although I’m sure he’s right, I can’t help hoping that maybe it won’t be so bad.

And so that’s it. This phase is almost done. I’ll be seen again in four weeks to start the first cycle of six more months of chemo and I’ll be back in the MRI scanner in around 8 weeks.

I’ve met some really interesting people and been able to experience first-hand how another part of the NHS works – patient transport. What a difficult job NWAS have coordinating the transportation of maybe thousands of patients each day. It’s such an important service for many, particularly those with mobility issues like me.  Most of the time, it works too.

Due to being a bit more tired in the last week or so, I’ve wanted makeup that helps me get ready quickly or in the back of a taxi sometimes.

I had an entirely exclusive relationship with NARS blushers for over 10 years, but recently I’ve been favouring a cream blush. Maybe it’s because my skin is dryer than usual, or it just feels easier to apply. The Royal Blush range from Rimmel, are really cute and come in three shades. Be careful with the packaging as it is a little flimsy.

A tinted SPF has become a new friend too – I always wear an SPF on my face (even in Manchester) and this tinted one means I don’t also need to wear foundation when I can’t be bothered. My only complaint is the lack of shades. Just one at the moment.

Brows are massive now, literally in some cases and that means that there are so many brow products to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. Pencils, gels, powders, primers! For speed, I am really liking the Brow Drama range. You literally just brush through, and brows are more present than before.

Another product that makes a difference in seconds is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo range of eyeshadows. This one in a bronze colour is perfect for blue and green eyes.

Last but not least…. every tired girl’s best friend. Concealer! Perfect concealers are hard to find. My all-time favourite is from Clarins but NYX have some very good dupes at about a third of the price. Most importantly providing even coverage, without creases.  Do pick your time to visit the NYX stand in Boots Market Street though as it’s usually full of teenagers fighting over the last strobing kit.

Thank you as always for reading.

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