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30-something proud Mancunian, living with a brain tumour and blogging about it

Whilst undergoing treatment for a brain tumour, I had the urge to share my experiences with a view to helping others.

That was in January 2017, and well,  I’ve been doing it ever since.

Blogger Sarah Gaffney Lang

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Upper Story Club is the place to find stories from babes with T-bombs – telling it like it is, and keeping it 100% real

No one comes out of brain surgery the same. Something about the risks, the process, and the fact that it really ain’t for the faint-hearted.

It has had a huge impact on me (in just two years, I’ve learnt to walk again, proudly worn the radiotherapy and chemotherapy T-shirt and braved the big shave).

Having spent my twenties fastidiously pursuing a career in management, I’ve now chosen to take things in a different direction: writing copy, blog posts, and managing social media for a range of amazing clients. I love it. 

I’m happiest in the crisp white sheets of a too-big hotel bed (you can’t beat a good holiday). And you’ll find me working from coffee shops (mine’s an Earl Grey or giant Cappuccino!), or my spare room-come-office, wearing the brightest red lipstick.

On upper story club, you’ll find musings on what it’s like to receive such a life-changing diagnosis and adjust to a new way of living as well as interviews with fellow brain tumour babes I reckon we can learn LOADS from.

If you’re thinking that it all sounds a bit serious, don’t despair. I’m a 30-something Deliveroo addict who likes nice things – so this isn’t a place for doom and gloom (well, not too much anyway… everything in moderation!).

I can’t wait for you to get stuck in

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